First Story of Roy

Lagi belajar ngebuat lirik (dan aransemennya menyusul) bergenre punk. . .
Mohon komennya temen2 !!


I have many many stories, about a boy, punk rocker called Roy
You can talk, sing the words just like another punk songs

The first story was on September last year, Roy stood in front of ganesha street with a bent head
Seeing through many shits of those silly horses, spread around the street
Flashing back to the past, regretting why the story has to happen like that

That m*ther f*cking girl was the actor
Actor of that melancholic scenes, finally stucked his heart
She was made fool of Roy . . . that forceful Roy

With her converse on her feet, she made many hopes and illutions on Roys mind
Illution of being the only man who can hold her hand
The man who can hug her slender belly, and kiss her red lip
But sorry Roy, tough the imagination was indeed beautiful, that was just an illution

Roy was just like many many other pitiful broken-hearted
Just like the narratives we often hear on the love songs
That is often sang by that poor popbands on TV

Roy, you can’t win a women heart by acting like a nice guy
You know girls is like a dangerous cobra
Once you do a kind thing on them, they wil exploit your kind deeper and deeper
You have to be yourselves, You have to enjoy your own life
Besides, girls is poison of world
The life is still amazing without those troubles

Hear me, Roy
Your mama didn’t want to have a boy that live like a loser
Please, please wake up Roy, wake up from your weak dreams

Come on Roy!!!
Wipe your pitiful tears off from your groom face
Clench your fist thightly
And puff out your chest
Make them see that you are the men

No more fallin in love . . .

*property of staf_arda*


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