‘Love’ is just a word that is said whenever you feel lonely. She is my love. I love her. She’s the one. I cant live without her. My life is sucks whenever i dont have one.

Enough with all that nonsense.

‘Love’ is just an ilusion. Created by the awkward human being.

How can you do sure that she’s the one?

Its just like being at a garden with a thousands of flowers. First, you just stare at each of the flowers. Of course, they all look beautiful. Then, you’ll realize that the flowers closer to you is much more beautiful than the far away one – because you can see the bright color clearly, you can smell the aroma, you can touch the smooth texture of the flowers… You realize that.

But then, here is things that will give much differences…

First scenario, you are GETTING IN A RUSH for picking one flower – because you feel the flower is the most beautiful ever exist at the garden. You never realize that there is much more flower for you, and the flower you picked has a thorn that hurts your finger a lot. But you still believe the flower is made by the God for you… Until you aware that your finger is bloody a lot because of the flower’s thorn. And then you later know that for picking the flower, you have spent many many times (maybe years) – because you have to accross a large ditch to reach these flower.

The second scenario is, you don’t see there is exist a very beautiful flower BEING NEAR you… you instead look at another beautiful flower, far away from you… You dont realize that the nearer flower is fair beautiful until there is another garden-visitor take away the flower along with them. It is sad, very sad, because you even don’t recognize the nice smell, the bright color from the nearer one – whereas the flower has done much effort to make you recognize their awesomeness, maybe with a help from wind. Watch japanese dorama, PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN, to understand this.

The third scenario is, you dont give a care about their attractiveness. You are blind, you just run and run, from one side to another side of the garden. You damage the entire garden – all of the flower fall to the ground. You make noise, all the thing is broken and hurted. Yourself, being bloody because you are punctured by thorns. You get bitten by the garden guard-dog. Everywhere is just a mess. Everyone gets hurt.

And the LAST SCENARIO both the BEST SCENARIO is, you are just standing at the center of garden. Enjoy all attractiveness of the entire flower in the garden.
Just stare at their pretty bright color – there is red, yellow, blue bud-color.
Just breath depply, and smell their magical aroma.
Just touch their corolla gently without make them hurt.
You just enjoy all of their attractiveness, together with all flowers.
You can do walking from one side to another side of the garden – walking with careful so you will not damage any flower, and the flower’s thorn doesnt make you bloody.
Until you know there is a flower – the most beautiful one – just made for your life.
When it does happen, pick the flower and take it home…


Just dont give this babble a shit.

The Point is, We are STILL YOUNG MEN! It is not worthed to get in a rush to be a couple. It is not worthed to know only one girl. It is not worthed to hurt many girls anyway, although you have all the skill to be a Cassanova.
I just wanna be friend with anyone…

For me, the real Love only exist by a curve of time function… 🙂

*huh, kind of tiring writing blog in english, huh?*

#purely made by anakmoeda[wordpress]


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