Twenty Fifteen (2015)

Hai everyone!

It is pretty unusual for me to write a post in English, but hmm… I think it is okay for several occasion because, you know, I am going to take an IELTS exam, so that I hope this will help me training my writing skills.

So, here we go.

Mmm… Today is a day in mid November, for several last days, recently in the city where I am living now, Makassar, got a severe rain.

Yeah. November Rain is coming.

But I am not playing the Guns N Roses song, but instead, I play some more blue songs, like :
1. Bee Gees – Started a Joke
2. Queen – Dear Friends
3. Roberta Flack – First Time I ever Saw You
4. Queen – Love of My Life
5. Peterpan – Semua Tentang Kita (local Indonesian touch!)
6. Efek Rumah Kaca – Desember (although it is still November, hahah)
7. etc

Yeah… I dont know why, but at these kind of atmospheres, It is very relaxing and suitable if we set those kind of songs to accompany us and make us even getting more blue πŸ™‚

So, what are we talking about here?

Oh yeah, I forgot something. I just finished reading a great book, written by a rising star in a world of Indonesia writer, Pidi Baiq. The book is titled “Dilan, Dia adalah Dilanku tahun 1991”

I swear, the book is horrendous!

Everybody has to read that novel, literally. Words by words.

That is based on true story. The ending of the book is soooo sad. I am not a type of person that easily melancholic, but I cried when the book reached its end.

It is very likely the “Indonesian Romeo-Juliet” poem. But actually, the majority of the book is very funny! It is only the ending that is so sad.


Okay, lets get started to what I am wanting to talk about.

Actually, now we have already reached our November. The second most ending of months in a year.

#NoShaveNovember haha (I never do #NoShaveNovember because I think it is so annoying having a long uncut beard at your face)

What is this year, again?



This year is a tough year for me.

EARLY 2015

I began my 2015 year with a depression. I got my depression due to my work things.
That time, I was so depressed.

I got the most severe headache during my life time, it was like every time I walk or go outside under sun shine, my head started to get wobbling.

My eyes is like every time I see something, the things are going bigger, then smaller, then bigger again…
The red spots in my face was always red, and sometimes it was getting like a hard skin.

And then, I also got a dermatitis seboroic in some parts of my body.

Oh my gosh! And that kind of thing was remain for several months.
I remember that the things got better only about 2 months ago until now.

Thanks god. Alhamdulillah.

I never ever thought that, a depression in your mind, can lead to a severe and sick body.
Never ever.

Now I really believe that, we should never feel depressed, because depression can lead to a much more worse condition, since it will also effect your body.

Why I got a depression in the beginning of this 2015 year?

You know, every big company has annual evaluation for its employees, usually in the end of a year. And the result will be announced in the beginning of next year.

I also got my evaluation, from upper managers and director.

And you know what, that time before I was unaware about office political things, how to get a “good heart” from “every key persons in the company”, and how to “look good”.

So, I got a bad evaluation score that time.

I was so shocked! And sad…

Although, I think my works are always completely done with proper time, as well as giving a good return in sales value…

Actually, why I got bad score is because, I had a feeling that my General Manager hate me. I got several conflicts with him before, as well as having conflicts of interest with some Sales Area Managers within my regional.

My General Manager impressions for me was getting worse, because he also asked the Sales Area Managers about my performance, and the Sales Area Managers said that they are sort of unhappy with my work.

I were confused at that time, why the sales managers could ever think like that.
Because I think, I had helped them to spread our business in our regional much better than before I got involved in the regional.

But… To get a good evaluation,



But, I feel very fortunate, because the god still gave me a great direct manager. Who always never hesitate to give me advice, suggestions, and inputs.

His name is Heryanto Arif (linkedin profile :

And the great lessons, I got from my direct manager are :

1. Find out who are key persons in your company, as well as key persons in your career circle

2. Approach the key persons, or at least, “the ears” of the key persons. Make them think that you are good. Make them liking you.
You don’t need to work hard. You just need to look good

3. Always do informal interaction with the key persons, or “the ears” of the key persons. Like having lunch together, hang-out, doing outside office activities.
“The ears” means everyone that is trusted by the key persons. They have the ears of the key persons.

The words are harsh.

Especially for :
You don’t need to work hard. You just need to look good.

Yeah, sometimes that is true.


Everybody who doesn’t know how to play the game, will come out being the losers.


This year, I also got some “close girl friend”. In addition to my real heart of mine : Fransisca.
Yeah, this year is crazy.

Although, this year I broke with Fransisca 2 times : on September, and on November.

Until I write this post, I still broke with her. Due to some different perspective about our future IF we have had our marriage.

In late July, I also changed company. I joined one of Samsung child company, Cheil, which is Samsung advertising and marketing agency, as its retail marketing consultant.

I got promoted from Senior Staff (or same level with Supervisor) to Assistant Manager.

I think it’s a luck, because all of my team, was got a layoff from Samsung principle, and we “forced” to move to Cheil.

But, we all got a promotion one step higher, and also a salary raise, so almost all of us took the offer from Cheil.

LATE 2015
Now, I am preparing for preparations to some MBA admissions and scholarships.

I aim to get scholarship from LPDP, the scholarship that is very common now, because I wonder why the LPDP looks so easy to be obtained. And some of them don’t speak English very fluent.

Many of my friends from ITB graduate, got the LPDP scholarship. And some of them is not too clever.
I think I am more clever compared to several friends of mine that got the reward. Haha

Just kidding.

And, for the MBA university, my main target is MBA UGM (university gadjah mada) in Jogjakarta. I aim its International class, with double degree from many European universities (I want badly to get double degree from Rotterdam University School of Business, in Netherlands).

The MBA UGM I think is the best MBA or MM program in Indonesia, because it has been accredited by AACSB – one of the prestigious accreditation for business school (B-School) in the world.

Also, I am very curious about living in Jogja.
I wonder why everybody says that living in Jogja is so great.

Also, I would like to sing the Kla’s song “JOGJAKARTA” with all of my heart.
Because now, I don’t get the soul of the song. Simply because I never live in Jogja! πŸ™‚

I want to taste living in Jogja.

Also, I have a hidden agendas why I want badly to study in MBA UGM.

First, I would like to broaden my almamater network background.

You know, I am an ITB graduate. ITB graduates have a wide network in Indonesian government and business networking.

As well as UGM.

UGM also has many people in Indonesia government and business networks. Menggurita.

So that, I think I will get more advantages if I take UGM as my next almamater.

I will have two most-influencing-almamater which is ITB & UGM as my background !!!

If I take ITB for my graduate degree (S2), than I will not ever get my network and my background broaden.

And, why not UI?

MM UI is only accredited nationally, and the title is “Magister Management” which is not internationally recognize.

While, UGM has MBA title, and has been accredited by AACSB.

I need international title recognition, because being an international businessmen is always being my dream.

Second thing, it is the most important thing! Haha

You know, I often heard that Javanese women is gentle, ayu, well mannered, act fine in their attitude, and submissive with their husband.

Like, PUTRI SOLO is a famous term for girls with beauty and gentle, fine attitude.

And, I think the Javanese women will fit my personality (I hope).

Because, I am a type of person that dominating, and outspoken.
I am not talented in hiding my emotions.

That’s why I got bad score in my job because I originally don’t know how to do politic and being “two-faced”

Yeah, that is why I want badly to live in Jogja.

To find my other ribs.

I am wanting badly to find my “love of my life”

I would like badly to marry someone. Because I can’t lie to the lust and strong desire coming rapidly from inside of my body to get laid with women.

I also get intimated by every photos I see in my social media from my friends who already got their babies.

I am so envy.


Hell yeah.

That’s why now I am preparing my exams, like :
2. TPA (tes potensi akademik) pasca sarjana OTO BAPPENAS, and
3. GMAT test.

But I never expect that TPA OTO Bappenas questions are that difficult.


The questions are much more difficult than you ever thought.

Even I ever read that, the difficulty of TPA OTO Bappenas makes the TPA exam score is recognized in Netherlands to replace GMAT score.

Seriously dangerous.

If I take the TPA exam 10 years ago, maybe I am gonna think that it is easy.

But, as the time goes by, maybe you all also feel the same, our brain is getting dumb and dumber.

When I was a teenager, calculating numbers is so easy.
Now, I feel like an imbecile whenever getting touch with numbers.

Also, I have forgotten about some algebra rules, “rumus-rumus”, and sort of things.

And the Bahasa Indonesia vocab questions is so fuckin annoying! Have you ever heard the word : Padusi, Walakin, Demagogi, Insinuasi, Kinantan, Lejar, Pandir, Partikeler????

Hufffhttt… Gotta study harder

TPA Bappenas questions is not designed to be filled the whole. Just like SPMB.
You will never meet that genius person who able to solve the whole problems within the allocated time.

Never ever.

Even Albert Einstein or Steven Hawking will never finish the test ontime.

Besides TPA, I also am preparing my IELTS.
My target is getting score of minimum 7.5 for each section.

Yeah, I have to get all the things done before March 2016.

I mean, all of the applications requisite.

Wish me luck.

While I still have to get my professional job done here.
Many projects is still waiting for me to get it accomplished.

Now, I have to do both of the things : working my professional job, and studying.

Because I still need the salary.

My salary is too cushy to be left πŸ˜€

Yeah, that’s all of my story about 2015.

The year with a fucking beginning, yet has given me so much lessons and headaches.


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