Writing Training (IELTS) #1 – Please give this a score band!

This is my first #1 Writing Skill training script.

Please if you don’t mind, kindly give me your score band in the comment section!

If you are not willing to, then it’s okay because I just want to train myself and get myself familiar with the writing section šŸ˜€



And here it is my answer. Not pretty much good I think, but whatever here it is my first writing training script.


The number of middle income families are raising in recent years. It is probably due to the economic empowerment improvement and conducive atmosphere for investment in our country. The raising number of middle income families create changes in behavior of the families in terms of how they spend their household budget.

In 2010, middle income families spent most of their budget for housing. It could be in terms of either monthly installment or down payment allocation for housing ownership. But, the percentage of their housing budget was not more than 35% from their total income.

Beside housing budget, 2010 middle income families also spent a fair amount of percentage for lifestyle spending, such as food/clothes as well as their vacation/leisure cost. They didn’t forget about how to enjoy their lives.

While, in a short of time later, 2 years afterwards which is in 2012, the behavior of middle income families was greatly changed. They spent half of their income in purpose their housing cash-out pool allocation. They applied a strict housing spending.

It could mean that the awareness of this category in that year for housing ownership was increasing. They are really aware that housing is one of a primarily needs in modern society.

This increased awareness made their budget for having leisure and vacation times is reduced significantly to only 10% (drop 15%) compared to 2010. It means that, let say, if in 2010 they could afford 4-5 times of vacation a year, while in 2012 they were only able to grab 1 or 2 vacations per year.

While they pressed the budget for vacation / leisure, uniquely speaking, they instead raised budget for food/clothes. It means that, they felt more needs to be looked good and perform well in public by purchasing some more fancy fashion things.

But unfortunately, their miscellaneous allocation is pretty much dropped to only 5%. It is worrying because most of personal financial consultant suggest that miscellaneous budget shall be allocated at least by 10% from overall budget.

In conclusion, we can assume that the 2012 middle income families awareness for housing allocation is getting increased, as well as their need to be looked good and dress well. Yet, it left them a big hole, unfortunately that behavior changes made them have to sacrifice their vacation and leisure times – by cutting it more than a half portion, compared to 2010. It makes their lives are more risky since they only allocated 5% for their miscellaneous budget.


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