“Ayo Kamu Bisa” – Land Crocobandit

Sebuah lagu kolaborasi (actually it was our first guitar duet project) antara dua orang gitaris freelance dari Land Crocobandit, @gustafardana (Rhythm/Song-Writer) dan sobat baiknya @JenderalDani (Melody).

Made in a Tuesday afternoon on a middle of April at my messy room. We used 2 guitars: an accoustic guitar (Allegro Gibson custom), and an electrical guitar (Gillmore GM-03) with Roland Cube 15x amplifier with tone (bass/mid/treble) 3.5/9/7 – recorded using digicam (Canon Powershot A550).

No preparation or complex arrangement, Full of improvisation! 🙂

LIRIK bisa diliat pada footnote di page youtubenya 🙂






‘Love’ is just a word that is said whenever you feel lonely. She is my love. I love her. She’s the one. I cant live without her. My life is sucks whenever i dont have one.

Enough with all that nonsense.

‘Love’ is just an ilusion. Created by the awkward human being.

How can you do sure that she’s the one?

Its just like being at a garden with a thousands of flowers. First, you just stare at each of the flowers. Of course, they all look beautiful. Then, you’ll realize that the flowers closer to you is much more beautiful than the far away one – because you can see the bright color clearly, you can smell the aroma, you can touch the smooth texture of the flowers… You realize that.

But then, here is things that will give much differences…

First scenario, you are GETTING IN A RUSH for picking one flower – because you feel the flower is the most beautiful ever exist at the garden. You never realize that there is much more flower for you, and the flower you picked has a thorn that hurts your finger a lot. But you still believe the flower is made by the God for you… Until you aware that your finger is bloody a lot because of the flower’s thorn. And then you later know that for picking the flower, you have spent many many times (maybe years) – because you have to accross a large ditch to reach these flower.

The second scenario is, you don’t see there is exist a very beautiful flower BEING NEAR you… you instead look at another beautiful flower, far away from you… You dont realize that the nearer flower is fair beautiful until there is another garden-visitor take away the flower along with them. It is sad, very sad, because you even don’t recognize the nice smell, the bright color from the nearer one – whereas the flower has done much effort to make you recognize their awesomeness, maybe with a help from wind. Watch japanese dorama, PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN, to understand this.

The third scenario is, you dont give a care about their attractiveness. You are blind, you just run and run, from one side to another side of the garden. You damage the entire garden – all of the flower fall to the ground. You make noise, all the thing is broken and hurted. Yourself, being bloody because you are punctured by thorns. You get bitten by the garden guard-dog. Everywhere is just a mess. Everyone gets hurt.

And the LAST SCENARIO both the BEST SCENARIO is, you are just standing at the center of garden. Enjoy all attractiveness of the entire flower in the garden.
Just stare at their pretty bright color – there is red, yellow, blue bud-color.
Just breath depply, and smell their magical aroma.
Just touch their corolla gently without make them hurt.
You just enjoy all of their attractiveness, together with all flowers.
You can do walking from one side to another side of the garden – walking with careful so you will not damage any flower, and the flower’s thorn doesnt make you bloody.
Until you know there is a flower – the most beautiful one – just made for your life.
When it does happen, pick the flower and take it home…


Just dont give this babble a shit.

The Point is, We are STILL YOUNG MEN! It is not worthed to get in a rush to be a couple. It is not worthed to know only one girl. It is not worthed to hurt many girls anyway, although you have all the skill to be a Cassanova.
I just wanna be friend with anyone…

For me, the real Love only exist by a curve of time function… 🙂

*huh, kind of tiring writing blog in english, huh?*

#purely made by anakmoeda[wordpress]

Yang Tercantik Semasa Gadis Muda dulu : Ani Yudhoyono, Megawati Soekarno Putri, or Sri Mulyani ??

Saat ini,
Ani Yudhoyono

ani yudhoyono

ani yudhoyono

Megawati Soekarno Putri

megawati soekarno putri tua

megawati soekarno putri tua

Sri Mulyani

sri mulyani indrawati tua

sri mulyani indrawati tua


Ani Yudhoyono moeda, tahun 1970an sewaktu masih berpacaran dengan SBY :

ani yudhoyono gadis muda

ani yudhoyono sewaktu gadis muda dan susilo bambang yudhoyono muda

Megawati Soekarno Putri moeda, tahun 1960an bersama Soekarno :

megawati soekarno putri sewaktu gadis muda

megawati soekarno putri sewaktu gadis muda

Sri Mulyani (Mantan Menteri Keuangan Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu) sewaktu gadis muda :

sri mulyani sewaktu gadis muda

sri mulyani sewaktu gadis muda

Hayooo, kita voting yuk siapa yang sewaktu gadis muda doeloe paling cantik di antara ketiga wanita berpengaruh di Indonesia ini?? 😉

Atau malah yang paling cantik justru adalah istri sultan, Ratu Kanjeng Omas??

kanjeng ratu omas istri sultan

kanjeng ratu omas istri sultan

Jawabannya terserah anda… 😛

originally written by anakmoeda.wordpress.com

Cewek Idaman Volume I : Irina Fernandez (istri Gabriel Batistuta)

Gabriel Batistuta adalah pesepakbola idaman gw semasa kecil. Dia seorang striker hebat yang menciptakan banyak gol. Orang nya pun low profile dan ngga banyak tingkah, tidak seperti pesepakbola yang ngetop lainnya yang belagu dan banyak tingkah. Tapi sekarang gw ngga akan ngomongin tentang Batigol. Dari hasil browsing, gw nemuin sebuah artikel menarik tentang Irina Fernandez yang tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah istri Gabriel Batistuta. Gw tertarik dengan isi wawancara dengan Irina, yang saya tulis lagi di bawah ini.

Setelah ngebaca artikel ini, gw berpendapat bahwa Irina adalah cewek yang amat menarik. Dia terkesan cerdas, punya pendirian, cantik, dan ngga gampang ditaklukkan. Dia bukanlah supermodel seperti banyaknya istri pesepakbola ngetop lainnya. Dia cuma wanita biasa-biasa. Tapi apa yang menyebabkan Batistuta terpincut padanya??

Baca dulu artikel ini sebelum membaca analisis saya, dan perhatikan karakter yang saya cetak tebal (bold)… :


Gabriel: “Everything at home, family and goals”

Date: Dec 12th, 1999
By: Luca Calamai
Source: Gazzetta dello Sport
Translated by: Mari

Florence –Celebrating her 15th birthday, wearing a beautiful pink dress, Irina Fernandez makes her society debut. The gala took place in the “Club Sirio-Libanese” at Reconquista. Following the rules of the special gala, the queen of the night, Irina, would have to dance with everyone of her guests. One of those guests was a young man by the name of Gabriel Batistuta. With long hair, wearing a suit and a borrowed tie. In his book “Io Batigol racconto Batistuta” “il Re Leone” wrote:

“Irina danced a whole 5 minutes with her other guests while with me it was two minutes at most. She left me in the middle of the dance floor. I was stunned and disillutioned because the feeling of dancing ‘in the clouds’ was cut short”.

Irina listened and smiled.

“The truth is that I had never danced with Gabriel before, I hardly knew him. I invited him because he was going to be the partner of a friend of mine. He has quite a fame you know. He was the “Don Juan” of the area. It was better that I keep my distance“.

The begining was not too promising. But Batistuta never gives up. So Bati, like in the soccer field, began to work for what he wanted. It took eight months of courting for him to give Irina her first kiss. Then “il calcio” pushed them apart.

“I didn’t know Gabriel wanted to be a professional soccer player. One day he said to me: “Irina, I had to transfer to Rosario”. I’m not a soccer fan. I had other plans. I always thought I will marry a lawyer or a doctor. I wanted to study and get my degree. So we went our separate ways“.

A twist of fate brought them together.

I went to a college in Rosario to take a course I needed for my degree in helping children with speech dissabilities, down-syndrome or children that stutter. My parents found a boarding house that seemed more strict than a convent. Not even my father or brother could come in. In other words no men allowed. I met Gabriel at a party. He asked me if I would go see his team’s next match. He told me: “I will leave two tickets for you at the entrance”. My friend and I arrived on time for the match, but the tickets were not there. The guard-man at the entrance took pity on us and let us in for free. I was not going to spend a dime for a soccer match. Gabriel didn’t score that day”.

Since then they’ve been together.

“I truly realized I was marrying a soccer player the moment we were getting married. For us to be able to have a wedding trip we had to wait until the 28 of December when the soccer championship stopped. What do I remember of that important ‘YES’? Gabriel’s tired, sleepy face, I on the other hand, had not been able to sleep, I was so excited. But not once did I cry”.

All the sweetness and happiness of those moments were there for us to see reflected on Irina’s visage while lost in her memories.

“A few months later Gabriel arrived at the house unexpectadly. He was very excited. He told me: “Irina we’re going to Italy, to Florence”. He was so happy. Then he added: “Don’t take a lot of things with you, just the essentials”.He knew that even though he has in his hands the tickets for the trip from Buenos Aires to Rome, it didn’t mean that the ‘battle’ was won. His road toward achieving his goals were just starting”.

Irina sacrificed some of her deams while helping Gabriel become a champion. When asked about this she said:

“I’ve never had any regrets, if there were to be a choice I’d do the same thing over again”.

“My feelings about soccer? If I had to pick between a Fiorentina match and spending an afternoon playing with the kids, most of the time I picked staying with the boys. I only go to the stadium when they are playing the more important matches. Like Fiorentina-Juve or Fiorentina-Milan”.

During those Sundays when she goes to the stadium, she’s all dressed up like any “tifosa”, but she only has eyes for her Gabriel.

“When I’m there at the stadium I suffered every time I hear any criticism thrown at my husband. But I have to say that the “calcio” expert at home is Thiago, my oldest son. He loves soccer and I could say by looking at his records, he’s good at it. But the life of a soccer player is not always a ‘fairy-tale’. It’s very hard to get to the top. Gabriel is right for not wanting Thiago to attend a soccer school. The name Batistuta would be a very weightfull thing. The comparisons would be unavoidable. We want him to enjoy his childhood, do other sports. Right now he enjoys playing tennis very much. If I could select a sport for him to be a champion in I would select tennis”.

Thiago is Irina and Gabriel’s oldest son, followed by Lucas and Joaquin.

“Gabriel wants a little girl. He even has had her name picked for many, many years. Selene, which means moon in Greek. At this moment I’m not ready for another pregnancy, three boy’s seems quite a lot at these time. But later on I would like to have Gabriel’s little girl. Maybe science will come out with something that will guarantee the birth of a baby girl or maybe in five or six years we will adopt a little girl. This last option has been in our mind for some time now. Gabriel and I have discussed this several times. There’s so many abandoned children all over the world”.

“Mama Gloria, Gabriel’s mother, when Gabriel was becoming to be known as ‘Batigol’, for good luck she would lock herself up in the bathroom so she wouldn’t hear nor see the match”.

This ritual seems to have helped young Gabriel become “il RE Leone Viola”. What about Irina, the wife. What do you enjoy the most in a match?

“For me the most exciting moment is that of taking a penalty kick. For good luck I do not look at the ball, I look at the “tifosi”. If I see them jump and scream that means everything has gone all right. So I start breathing normaly again. Of all the goals scored by my husband there’s one that will allways have a special place in my heart. It was the goal scored against Milan in the “Super Copa Italiana” where Gabriel shouted “Irina Te Amo” in front of the microphones of the T.V. cameras. Those three words being said the way they did created in me feelings I’ll never forget. Our story is a beautiful one and….yes, we have had our problems like everyone else. Ours is a real marriage not a soap-opera. I’ve always believed in the saying: ‘One reaps what one sows’. We, Gabriel and I, keep our love shining bright and true”.

We are arriving at Channel 10 T.V. studios, were Mrs. Batistuta has a T.V. program part of Cecchi Gori Productions. In this weekly program she will interview someone from the world of sports, entertaiment or culture. This segment is part of the T.V. program named “Stadium”.

“I would love to interview Leonardo Pieraccioni. I know I’ll enjoy it very much. As much as when I interviewed Panariello. That was not work, that was fun”.

Irina is working on a new project linked with dance and music. Her true passion.

“My favorite dancers are Cortes and Julio Boca. Gabriel told you he is not a good dancer? That’s not true. That is something he has said just to avoid being draged to dance clubs. He doesn’t like to be the center of attention. He surely knows how to dance. But let me tell you although he is a good dancer he’s a better singer. He knows all of Phil Collins and Sting’s music by heart, and he loves to sing Jose Luis Perales songs. I on the other hand, listen to music depending on my moods”.

The Batistuta family will be leaving for Reconquista the night of the Fiorentina-Juventus match. They will spend the Christmas Holidays with their families in Argentina.

“I already have in mind Gabriel’s gift, I cannot tell you what it is, it’s a secret”.

Maybe “Il Re Leone” also has Irina’s gift ready to be set under their tree.

“Gifts are not that important to Gabriel, a word, a kiss, a hug, any sign of affection, that’s what’s really importat to him. Besides he doesn’t like shopping. This brings to mind the time when he gave me a ring, my old one was stolen. I can imagine all the trouble he went through, shopping for the ring, finding the right size, and all this without me knowing it”.

Gabriel Batistuta dan Irina Fernandez

Gabriel Batistuta dan Irina Fernandez

sumber : http://www.gabrielbatistuta.net


Udah ketemu apa yang menarik dari diri Irina??? Silakan simpulkan sendiri… Bagi gw sendiri, kata-kata yang gw cetak tebal pada artikel di atas adalah hal yang bisa nunjukkin appeal dan daya tarik sang wanita yang berhasil mencuri hati Batigol. Hehe 😛